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2010-06-28 14:18:46 by ALRMD

I just uploaded a revised version of welcome back (yes, the random static and stuff is there on purpose), so you should really check it out.


2010-06-27 23:59:51 by ALRMD

I found a way to record more on-time.. heh, it only takes three times longer.
But, yeah, I found a way.
You can hear the difference in my new song/improv. called Wizz Her!


2010-06-27 18:17:46 by ALRMD

I would love for anyone to comment on my posts/subs and tell me if they need revision (I'm talking they have to be pretty suckish) But, yeah.

good for you to know.

2010-06-26 19:35:19 by ALRMD

Well, I took some good advice and searched (I really can't believe it took this long) for about 4 hours and finally found a drum sequencer on line. So.. Next time I record, I'll be putting out some new stuff AND some revised versions of my last few songs with (yay) good drums.


2010-06-18 00:28:51 by ALRMD

I should be putting out some new submissions.. good ones.


2009-07-13 17:06:52 by ALRMD

See, I joined a bannd.
Annnd, well, I might make another account for the band..
I might kick this one offff.
Anyways, some of my songs on here might be moved to the other one.. So be warned, and please, don't blamm themm.

Hey Yall

2009-04-20 19:27:44 by ALRMD

... Just started the new account... got a song to start with... it sucks kinda... Ima fix it sooner or later... sigh...